3 reasons why we should STOP referring to people as millennials [3 min read]

I am SO glad I am a millennial.

When I first realised I met the criteria for entrance into the much lauded millennial club I felt a small sense of joy. As a thirty one year old guy I’ve recently had to deal with the reality that I am no longer one of the young crowd. Finding out I was a millennial meant I could cling onto my youth by association to this generation of selfie obsessed, entitled, young’uns!

However, that’s not the main reason why I’m glad that I am a millennial. That reason is because it allows me to speak from a position of experience in regards to what daftness it is to refer to a cohort that represents around of quarter of the population as a single demographic, the ‘Millennials’.

Don’t get me wrong, this post isn’t supposed to be a public flogging of those that use the term. Sometimes, the term is just an easy way of describing modern users/customers. But, it shouldn’t be used as boldly as it is.

Here’s 3 reasons why it’s not cool to use the term millennial:

1) There’s a lotta millennials yo’

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