GDPR of Thrones

[Warning: Contains mild spoilers]

Game of Thrones is a television drama set around a fantasy world of 7 Kingdoms.

The storyline revolves around a number of families (houses) who claim a right to the throne and the wars, allegiances and betrayals they face in their battle to reign supreme.

Recently a new threat has arisen from an old enemy, The White Walkers, these frozen zombie like beings are moving south from the frozen north and are only able to do so as ‘winter is coming’.

Not only does the White Walker army consist of thousands upon thousands of zombie soldiers they can only be destroyed with weapons made from either Dragon Glass or Valyrian Steel, both of which are scarce resources.

However, despite the impending threat of The White Walkers from the north the houses all react differently. For instance House Stark is fully devoted to the cause of preparing for the White Walkers. Where as House Targaryen are focused on a wider set of goals such as voyaging to new shores and House of Lannister are putting absolutely none of their resources towards preparing for the White Walkers. It’s not that they don’t fear their impending doom, it’s just that they are caught up in other ‘projects’ so they can’t focus.

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