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follower experiment

I’m conducting an experiment where I am following the recent followers of Twitter users who have a very high follow/follower count.

My hypothesis is that a large percentage of those that follow back to high follower/following accounts do so just to boost their follower numbers and don’t care for the content or opportunity to interact.

To prove this point I have setup a Twitter account for my dog ‘Tyzer‘. He doesn’t really tweet much except for the odd selfie and woof.

Lets see how long it takes to get some followers!

Zero Success – How Coke’s new Coke Zero campaign backfired thanks to social media

Coca Cola, who need no introduction, have been running a tv advertising campaign to boost awareness of the ‘Great Coke Taste’ of their Coke Zero product.

The advert shows a food and beverage assistant at a cinema pouring drinks of Coke Zero and covering up the Coke Zero cup with a Coca Cola cup fooling the buyers into thinking they’ve got normal Coca Cola, when in fact they have Coke Zero. The ad then cuts to the cinema where the assistant comes back on screen to inform the audience that they are actually drinking Coke Zero and not Coca Cola.

The idea of the ad is to make people believe that Coke Zero is indistinguishable in taste to Coca Cola only it has zero calories.

However, this morning it has backfired due to a hashtag that appears to have been started by comedian Al Murray of ‘#CokeKnob’. Al and several other tweeters have taken displeasure to the advert and as a result are causing some publicity for Coke Zero that Coca Cola probably hadn’t anticipated.

There seems to be two main issues here:

1) People that bought Coca Cola and were served Coke Zero have been miss sold to. I know it’s obviously a staged tv advert but I think that is what gets on peoples nerves that Coca Cola is perhaps suggesting that they’re daft enough to believe it’s real.

2) Apparently some people can be allergic to the contents of Coke Zero and not Coca Cola so this sets a dangerous precedent that it’s ok to swap someones drink to test whether they notice.

On the surface this looks like a bit of a Coke’up (see what I did there?) by Coca Cola. But as is often the case with these things it could turn out that Coca Cola aren’t that bothered, as the saying goes ‘all publicity is good publicity’.

It’s all going off on Twitter. Below are a few select tweets that made me chuckle. You can see the rest here: