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follower experiment

I’m conducting an experiment where I am following the recent followers of Twitter users who have a very high follow/follower count.

My hypothesis is that a large percentage of those that follow back to high follower/following accounts do so just to boost their follower numbers and don’t care for the content or opportunity to interact.

To prove this point I have setup a Twitter account for my dog ‘Tyzer‘. He doesn’t really tweet much except for the odd selfie and woof.

Lets see how long it takes to get some followers!

back online..

So after losing control of my own domain name (long story) is back online.

I actually deleted all the old files thinking that I’d not bother with putting this site back online, but I thought I’d put something up as it can be a pretty useful resource for holding things online.

I’m trying to keep everything plain, let’s see how long that lasts 🙂