stuff i like

Business -

Business interests me greatly. Most of my free time if not spent playing football or with family and friends is spent reading, listening, watching or thinking about business.

Football -

I support Norwich City Fc and I currently play for Outwell Swifts.

Products and Services:

Pinterest -

Pinterest is an online pinning board that allows users to build their own boards about products or interests they have.

Google Drive -

Google Drive is a cloud based productivity tool that consists of a wordprocessor, spreadsheet, presentation, form builder and drawing tool. It is also a cloud storage tool.

It’s perfect for collaborating with people on documents over the web so that real time updates occur.

Best of all, it’s free!

Dropbox -

Pretty much the same as Google Drive just for storage only. No productivity tools.

ClearApp -

ClearApp is a todo list app that is has a remarkable user experience that allows easy use via a great use of the iOS and Mac gesture tools.

Feedly -

Feedly is a news aggregator that allows you to pull in news articles from a wide range of web sites and blogs.